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Financial Information

The mission of the Rhode Island Lottery is to maximize income for the state, while maintaining the trust and best interest of the citizens of Rhode Island.

Where The Money Goes

RI Lottery Percentage Break Down 2012

General Fund & Other
Lottery Operating Costs

82.33 %
(Video Gross)

General Fund & Other
Lottery Operating Costs

General fund expenditures by category FY 2013 (unaudited)

General fund expenditures by category FY 2013

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Fiscal Year 2013 Report [PDF, 2.55MB] Fiscal Year 2008 Report [PDF, 1.19MB]
Fiscal Year 2012 Report [PDF, 1.53MB] Fiscal Year 2007 Report [PDF, 2.07MB]
Fiscal Year 2011 Report [PDF, 2.05MB] Fiscal Year 2006 Report [PDF, 2.22MB]
Fiscal Year 2010 Report [PDF, 2.09MB] Fiscal Year 2005 Report [PDF, 1.65MB]
Fiscal Year 2009 Report [PDF, 1.36MB] Fiscal Year 2004 Report [PDF, 2.55MB]

Traditional Lottery Sales by Month by Year

  Fiscal Year 2015 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2014 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2013 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2012 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2011 [PDF]

Video Lottery Terminal Revenue Information by Facility by Month by Year

Fiscal Years 1994 through June 2015 [PDF, 172KB]
    Fiscal Year 2015 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2014 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2013 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2012 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2011 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2010 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2009 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2008 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2007 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2006 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2005 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2004 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2003 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2002 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2001 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2000 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 1999 [PDF] Fiscal Year 1998 [PDF] Fiscal Year 1997 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 1996 [PDF] Fiscal Year 1995 [PDF] Fiscal Year 1994 [PDF]

For Video Lottery Cash Played, Cash Won and Payout Percentages, click here.

Rhode Island Lottery Monthly Table Games Revenue (Unaudited and Unadjusted)

  Fiscal Year 2015 [PDF]
Fiscal Year 2014 [PDF] Fiscal Year 2013 [PDF]

To view PDF documents, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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