2/4/13 Drawing - $100
  2/5/13 Drawing - $100                
  2/6/13 Drawing - $100                 
  2/7/13 Drawing - $100
Richard Robinson,           Cranston   David Goncalves, Warwick   Dan Beagan, Coventry  

Marco Casimiro, West Warwick

Jaclyn Ryan, Blackstone, MA   Eric Hambly, West Warwick   Rebecca Allard, West Warwick   Linda Fontaine, Harrisville
Shawn Drew, Westerly   Julie Thole, Richmond   Joseph Farias, Johnston   Donna Goulden, Cranston
James Coccia, North Providence   Al Saulenas, Wakefield   Charles Dale, Warwick   Cindie Oatley, Coventry
Fred Leigh, Chapachet   Robert Francis, Cranston   Lauretta Moranto, Warwick   Sabrina Andrade, North Kingstown

2/8/13 Drawing - $100   2/9/13 Drawing - $100   2/10/13 Drawing - $100   2/11/13 Drawing - $100

Cathy Wunschel, Cumberland

  Michael LaFerriere, Pawtucket   Sherri Celani, Coventry   Michael Nolan, Mystic, CT
Nicole Arruda, Bristol   David Bertrand, Warwick   Robert Francis, Cranston   Kathleen Leeming, Lincoln
Dennis O'Rourke, Providence   Vishal Modi, Warwick   Dave Comorosky, Narragansett   Edward Budlong, Warwick
Thomas Turcotte, Pawtucket   John Finn, Cranston   Barbara Zuller, Cranston   Cathy Smith, Coventry
Joseph Farias, Johnston   Tenley Locke, Exeter   Tina Peidoux, Blackstone, MA   Vishal Modi, Warwick

2/12/13 Drawing - $100

  2/13/13 Drawing - $100   2/14/13 Drawing - $100   2/15/13 Drawing - $100

Gregg Farrar, Riverside

  Cheryl Burt, East Greenwich   James McCue Jr, Warwick   Thomas Turcotte, Pawtucket

Johnathan Arvanites, Providence

  Nancy Marley, Warwick   Arthur Gaskell, Pawtucket   Phil DePasquale, Warwick

Mary Nadeau, Woonsocket

  Aaron Andrade, Lincoln   Patricia Botham, Warwick   Dawn Conetta, Johnston

Guido Gosetti, Johnston

  Mark O'Connor, Cranston   Hank Maine, Cranston   Joseph Gemma, Johnston

Robert Francis, Cranston

  Teresa Tracy, Providence   John Provoyeur, Coventry   John Kidd, Coventry


2/16/13 Drawing - $100   2/17/13 Drawing - $100   2/18/13 Drawing - $5,000
Mike Gianfrancesco, Cranston   James Mccue Jr., Warwick   Peter Mroczka, Foster
David Goncalves, Warwick   Steven Montecalvo, Smithfield    
Katlyn Sevigny, Coventry   Alexander Charbonneau, Bristol    
Robin Drape, Cranston   Suzanne Coppinger, Woonsocket    
Beatric Schultz, Portsmouth   Phil DesPaquale, Warwick    

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