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Group Play

Best Practices

Group Captain Best Practices

  1. The Group Captain or otherwise designated representative should sign the back of all tickets purchased on the signature line and write the group name anywhere else on the back of the tickets.
  2. Let your group know where you purchased the tickets. Then, make copies of the tickets for the group and post them, or let the group members know what the numbers are. Also, make sure the original tickets are kept in a safe place that can be found by your group members if necessary.
  3. Discuss ahead of time what you will do with any winnings. Purchase more tickets? Divide the winnings? Cash or annuity jackpot payout option? Be sure everyone knows how this will work.
  4. In the event you win big, decide whether the group would like individual checks and W2G`s, issued or a check made out to one person and then he or she would be responsible for dividing it amongst the party. For the individual checks and W2G`s each group member must be present at the time of validation with a picture ID and social security number.
  5. Have a plan:
    • For larger groups, have a notification system in place or a list of phone numbers where players can be reached.
    • Who will be the group spokesperson?
    • How will you claim your prize - evenly divided among the group? How long after the drawing will you wait to claim your prize?

* Winning the Lottery should be fun, and planning ahead can help to keep it that way! Good Luck!!!