The Estimated Mega Millions® Cash Jackpot for 8/27/2019 is:  $72,300,000

Did you know?

Mega Millions® began on August 31, 1996 and was originally called, The Big Game. The original states to sell Mega Millions® were Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia.

Rhode Island began selling Mega Millions® Megaplier® tickets on January 31, 2010.
Mega Millions® has become one of the most popular Lottery games due to its extremely high jackpots. The largest Mega Millions® jackpot to date was $1.537 billion on October 23, 2018, with the winning ticket sold in South Carolina.

Jackpots start at $40 million and continue to grow by a minimum of $5 million each drawing until someone wins. Also, players can increase their chances of becoming a multi-millionaire by playing Megaplier®.  The Megaplier® increases all non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4 or 5 including the $1,000,000 prize for matching 5/5 white balls. With a Megaplier® of 5, the $1,000,000 prize becomes $5,000,000. WOW! See Odds & Prizes


Drawings are on Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 p.m. Mega Millions® Megaplier® tickets may be purchased at any time, but only until 9:50 p.m. on drawing nights.

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