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Retailer's Corner


Lottery games are not only a fun product to offer your customers, but they are a profitable part of many businesses.

  • Lottery Retailers earn commissions on their Lottery sales and validations:
    • 5% For Instant Game sales
    • 1% For Instant Game validations
    • 8% For Draw-Based Games sales
  • You'll attract new customers.
  • More store traffic will increase sales on your other products.
  • We provide and setup your equipment.
  • We provide training.
  • All necessary supplies, including point-of-sale and marketing materials, are provided at no cost.
  • Toll-free telephone support is always available.

Any person interested in obtaining a license to be a Rhode Island Lottery Retailer must first file a Rhode Island Lottery Sales License Application and General Disclaimer Form with the Lottery, which are both available on our Retailer Forms page with further information and instructions.

Upon Lottery approval, a Retailer license will be issued to the applicant and the following game type(s) may be made available for sale at the Retailer location:

  • Instant Ticket games
  • On-line games (The Numbers, Wild Money, Powerball® Power Play®, Mega Millions® Megaplier® and Lucky For Life®)
  • Monitor games (Keno and Bingo)

Upon license approval, all licensees and their designated staff are required to attend a training session at the Rhode Island Lottery Headquarters to learn the operation of Lottery terminals and be provided with the Lottery`s Rules, Regulations, and Policies, to which Retailers must adhere.

No Retailer license shall be issued to any person to engage in the sale of Lottery tickets as his/her sole occupation or business.

Lottery licenses are NOT transferable and are NOT to be advertised as a business feature or condition for sale purposes.